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[VIDEO] Firms Around Croatia Unite to Light Up Vukovar Water Tower

Firms unite in Vukovar (credit: Grad Vukovar / Screenshot)

Members of rival firms, Bad Blue Boys from Zagreb, Armada from Rijeka, Torcida from Split, Kohorta from Osijek and the Ultras joined last night at the symbol of the Homeland War – Vukovar’s water tower.

The fans arrived to mark the end of the first phase of the restoration project of the water tower and lit up the tower with flares. The water tower will not be restored to its original state and will instead become a memorial area to the pain and suffering that Vukovar endured.

The water tower was designed in the late 1960s and was built in a city park, popularly known as Najpar-bašća, in the district of Mitnica. Until the war, the top of the tower was home to a restaurant with a view over Vukovar, Dunav and surrounding vineyards.

During the Battle of Vukovar, the water tower was one of the most frequent targets of artillery. It was hit more than 600 times during the siege.

The memorial park will have parking spaces, public restrooms, a playground and a restaurant. All the elements would be constructed using ‘green architecture’, to prevent downplaying the importance of the water tower.

Entrance to the water tower would be at the original place and will lead to the outer panoramic elevators oriented towards the Danube. There will be a memorial room whilst the holes in the tower from missiles will not be touched. The water tower will have a lookout at the top.

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