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[VIDEO] Enrique Iglesias Talks About Croatian Ex & Luka Modrić

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias


Pop star Enrique Iglesias has spoken about his ex-Croatian flame and plans to stay in the country for 2=3 weeks after he performs in Zagreb in May in an exclusive interview with Nova TV’s IN magazin

Iglesias, who will perform in Zagreb on his 40th birthday on 8 May, sat down with IN magazin’s Svetlana Matić in Miami where he revealed that his first visit to Croatia was when he was 17.

“First time I went to Croatia was back in 1997, I saw a little bit of the coast, very little, but this time I think I am gonna stay there for about 2-3 weeks,” he said.

“I have ever been with a girl from Croatia? My girlfriend when I was 17 was from Croatia,” Enrique added.

Iglesias, whose only previous concert in Croatia was in 2002, also revealed in the interview that he is a big Luka Modrić fan and how he plans to celebrate his birthday in Zagreb.

Check out the full interview below.

Enrique Iglesias za #INmagazin

#INmagazin #SvjetskaEkskluzivaSve o zgodnom Enrique Iglesiasu pogledajte u ovom posebnom intervjuu koji je dao našoj Svjetlani Matić! <3

Geplaatst door IN MAGAZIN op dinsdag 9 februari 2016

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