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[VIDEO] Delays Getting to Croatian Islands as Ferry Workers Strike

SplitThere was disruption at Croatia’s largest ferry port on Wednesday morning after disgruntled workers ‘down tools’ and go on strike…

Split Ferry Port Union workers, unhappy about port fees, went on strike at around 7:00am this morning, forming a blockade at the ferry terminal. Police intervened at just after 10:00am and put an end to the blockade. Normal ferry services are expected to resume around lunchtime.

“We are wanting what other ports on the Adriatic have. A similar concessions and tariffs contract which they have. Unfortunately because of how the Port Authority has acted, we do not have money to pay wages next month. We are going from debt to debt and unfortunately if this continues our young workers will be without a job,” said Split Ferry-boat Port director Toni Medvidović.

Split Ferry-boat Port, which operate in the port under a concession granted to them, are not happy with how much they can charge shipping companies for port services, and that tariffs for mooring and unmooring ships was lowered by Port Authorities. Split Ferry-boat Port say they refuse to increase their charges. and have had the lowest prices on the Adriatic coast for a number of years, as a result the company is on the ‘brink of poverty’. (pic: trajeknalukasplit)

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