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[VIDEO] Croatia’s Top Google Searches in 2016

For the past 16 years Google has been presenting the findings of the countless things people all over the world punch into Google’s search box in its ‘Google Year in Search’ report.

Pokemon Go, Donald Trump, the US Election and the Olympics dominated searches around the world.

TOP 10 Searches in the World
Pokémon Go
iPhone 7
Donald Trump
David Bowie
Suicide Squad

TOP 5 Events Googled in the World
Rio Olympics
World Series
Tour de France
Australian Open

Euro 2016 led searches in 2016 (photo: UEFA)

So what did Croatians google the most in 2016?

TOP 10 Google Searches in Croatia
1. Euro 2016
2. Pokemon Go
3. Agario
4. Big Brother
5. Slither.io
6. Rio 2016
7. State Electoral Commission of the Republic of Croatia
8. Orange sponsors you
9. eVisitor
10. iPhone 7

TOP 10 Events Googled in Croatia
1. Euro 2016
2. Rio 2016.
3. Elections 2016
4. Eurosong 2016
5. Easter 2016.
6. Oscars 2016
7. Handball Championships 2016
8. Copa America 2016
9. Zagreb Auto Show
10. Noć muzeja 2016 (Museum Night)

Check out the video of the Year in Search 2016 around the world below.

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