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VIDEO: Croatia’s Hidden Jewels – Kotli

Kotli (Screenshot)

Meet one of the hidden jewels of the region of Istria in Croatia – Kotli.

This is where the Mirna River meets the ancient richness of water mills connects the land and the water in expectation of return. This is where the Giants’ rest.

Kotli was once the leading economic village of the Hum area- Humština, with well-known millers and tailors. The water mills were in use till 1964 and have been preserved to this day.

Today Kotli is a protected rural complex with preserved courtyards, outer staircases, arched passages and picturesque chimneys. Due to its isolation, the village of Kotli has kept its rural 19th-century look.

The Mirna river flows through the village forming waterfalls and hollowing cauldron-like forms in stone that gave the village its name (Croatian kotao=cauldron).

The stone houses in Kotli have many wooden elements, a material much used in the old architecture of northern Istria. Croatian photographer and filmmaker Goran Šafarek has captured the beauty of this Istrian jewel in this stunning video below.

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