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Croatian Recipes: ‘Pijane’ Kroštule

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‘Pijane’ Kroštule (Photo: Fini recepti)

Kroštule are a traditional pastry originating from Istria and Dalmatia by deep-frying ribbon-shaped dough.

Today’s recipe is a variation on the traditional kroštule with the addition of wine in the mixture, hence the name ‘drunk’ or ‘pijane’ kroštule.


Flour – 500 g
Butter – 150 g
White wine – 100 ml
Rakija (fruit brandy) – 50 ml
Eggs – 2
Lemon – 1
Icing sugar
Vanilla sugar


1. Put flour in a bowl and add the butter (melted), 2 egg yolks, grated lemon skin, vanilla sugar, white wine, rakija and a pinch of salt. Beat well.

2. Shape the dough into a ball, place in a clean bowl, cover and let sit for around 30 minutes.

3. Roll out the dough into a 5 mm rectangular sheet and with a pastry wheel cut out strips around 15 (length) x 3 cm (width) in size.

4. Shape the strips into ribbons and deep fry in hot oil.

5. After around 4-5 minutes of frying when they turn golden brown take them out and let cool. Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve.

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