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[VIDEO] Croatian Recipes: Buhtle with Jam

Buhtle with jam

Buhtle with jam

Croatia Week have teamed up with Fini Recepti to bring you your favourite Croatian recipes in English…

Croatian TV chef Almo Čatlak this year completed 10 years of his cooking show ‘TV-kuhanja’ (TV-cooking). Čatlak’s show, which shows viewers how to prepare a meal from start to finish in a 3-4 minute clip, was broadcast on Croatian TV for the past decade. In that period Čatlak has produced over 2,000 videos.


Buhtle with jam

Buhtle with jam

Buhtle with plum jam

Buhtle are sweet rolls made of yeast dough and filled with jam. The origin of the Buhtle is the region of Bohemia, but they are also popular in Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Hungary, and have made their way into Croatian cuisine.


Milk – 180 ml
Smooth flour – 240 g
Rough flour – 120 g
Yeast – 25 g
Sugar – 30 g
Lemon – 1
Eggs – 2
Butter – 120 g
Rum – 10 ml
Plum jam – 150 g
Icing sugar


1. In a bowl pour the milk (warm at around 35°C), add the yeast, teaspoon of sugar and mix well.

2. Add about a third of the flour (both) to the milk mixture and mix. Cover with a tea towel and leave at room temperature to rise.

3. After around 15 minutes add the rest of the flour to the mixture, grated lemon skin, sugar, rum, egg yolk, butter (melted), pinch of salt and mix.

4. Cover mixture again with a tea towel and leave to rise.

5. After around 40 minutes roll the mixture out (1 cm thick) on a surface sprinkled with flour. Cut circles (6-7 cm in diameter).

6. In the middle of each circle put a teaspoon of jam.

7. In the dish they will be cooked in brush with melted butter and sprinkle a bit of flour.

8. Close up the circles and dip the top in the melted butter and let them sit upright in the dish.

9. Cook in the oven at 180°C for around 30 minutes.

Dobar tek!

The video instructions are in the video below:

You can see the original recipe in Croatian here.

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