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VIDEO: Croat Named Most Insane Man In Football

Dinamo Zagreb Chairman and Croatian Football Federation board member Zdravko Mamic has been voted the maddest man in football when he topped the Top 10 Insane Football Club Chairman, Owners & Presidents list compiled by UK portal Who Ate all the Pies.

“Largely loathed by Dinamo fans, executive manager Mamic and scandal are practically synonyms for one another. A mean (just look at those eyes), impatient and physically intimidating man, Mamic has hired and fired 15 different head coaches despite only taking up his role in 2003.

Over the years, Mamic has been sanctioned for, among other discretions: groping bellydancers, punching a director of the Croatian FA, attacking former a Dinamo director and chasing him over a fence, breaking a city planning official’s hand with a set of crutches for refusing his plans to build a skyscraper in Zagreb and once celebrating a Dinamo victory with a Nazi salute.

He also despises the press, and has violently assaulted journalists of several occasions; once forcing a hack to hide in a bush for nearly ten minutes to avoid an arse-kicking. His crowning glory came when he once ended a long, aggressive rant on his hatred of media and supporter speculation about him with the immortal phrase “I’m going to stick YouTube up my dick,” after many fans took to the site to voice their discontent at his conduct,” said the portal when summing up its overall winner.

Watch Mamic kicking off in just one of his many outbursts here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKzwdpVi1XA

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