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[VIDEO] Check Out this Spectacular 4K Timelapse of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik (screenshot)

Dubrovnik (screenshot)

Another spectacular timelapse video in 4k showcasing a part of Croatia…

Dubrovnik has joined the island of Hvar and has been featured in the global ‘Cities in 4k’ project.

“Dubrovnik is always worth a trip. That´s what the crew of Cities in 4K thought, too. So we decided to visit this beautiful city this spring after the Star Wars filming was finished,” the crew behind Cities in 4K said.

Cities in 4K is a worldwide project. The idea is to represent as many cities as possible in the newest 4K resolution. The footage is filmed in the popular timelapse photography technique combined with standard 4K scenes to best to represent the cities and the life in it.

Check out the beauty of Dubrovnik, filmed by Amir Kulaglić using the latest technology on Cities in 4K’s YouTube channel below:

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