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VIDEO: Check out the impressive new football stadium in Osijek 

VIDEO: Impressive new football stadium in Osijek almost complete 

(NK Osijek/YouTube)

Croatian football club NK Osijek celebrates its 76th birthday today and on the occasion have posted a new video of their new stadium which is being built at Pampas. 

“Birthday wish soon fulfilled!” Is the title of the video which shows a tour of the almost finished stadium. 

It is not yet known when exactly NK Osijek will play their first match at the new stadium, but it is not too far away. 

Last week, the lights were turned on for the first time at the new stadium. Inside the stadium, machines are finishing sewing the artificial grass into the base, after which the natural grass will be sown for the new hybrid pitch.

The roof structure was complete before Christmas which made the stadium in Osijek unique in Croatia as the first all-covered stadium in the country.  

The stadium will seat 12,900, and will be able to be extended to 15,000. Boxes in the West Stand will include, saunas, and jacuzzis, whilst the adjoining camp will have seven heated pitches and entertainment facilities for players.

The stadium and camp cost around 40 million euros to build. The Croatian Football Federation has supported the project to the tune of 1 million euros and has said that the national team will play at the stadium which is being built in line with ‘European and world trends’.

Check out the latest video tour of the stadium below.

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