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VIDEO: Canadian-Croatian musicians join for ‘Prijatelji’ collaboration


A number of part-time Canadian-Croatian musicians have joined together to perform a rendition of the song ‘Prijatelji’.

The song, which includes the lyrics ‘Friends, I’m often thinking about you’ is appropriate given the current situation.

“We found that we had some extra time on our hands stuck in our houses, so we decided to put together a collaborative video with members from various bands from the Hamilton, Kitchener, and Toronto areas,” they said. 

The majority of what you hear and see in the video was recorded on their cell phones and then compiled. 

“The audio has been mixed, but the performances have not been altered. We thank all of them for contributing, as this isn’t just our video; it’s theirs to be proud of, and now yours to enjoy. Thank you to the following musicians: Branko Cetinjanin, Nik Crnić, Julijana Hajdinjak, Ivan Katkić, Joey Katkić, Rob Kutleša, Steve Kuzmanović, Dave Ljubanović, Mate Milardović, Frank Muretić, Hrvoje Novačić, Tom Peretić, Ivan Petračić, Zvonimir Petric, Brian Špišić, Andrew Šporčić, Dan Štajduhar, Joey Vlašić, Walter Vrbanac, Mate Žilić, and a very big thank you to our special guest, Marko Perković, the song’s original artist.”

You can watch the video below. 


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