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[VIDEO] Biker Takes on Brutal Bura Wind


A motorcyclist has taken on Croatia’s renowned bura wind and come off second best.

The tourist has been riding his motorcycle around Croatia and on Tuesday, despite advice from locals not to ride on the Adriatic highway today because of the strong bura wind blowing on the coast, he set off.

“I have been fighting mother nature for three days, rain, wind, and snow in Croatia. Today before starting a 60+-year-old man told me the wind in this area is like nowhere else in the world. I was too proud to listen and was saying to myself “he has no clue what I have been through, I rode Patagonia, Australia, Gobi desert and so many places known for strong winds, what does he know,” the man wrote, before continuing.

“Well I was wrong, he knows his country, this is the worst I have seen. I had to turn around and run away from the coast heading inland. The wind did drop down after 50 KM going inland but I was hit with snow, still better than that situation. I cannot believe neither myself nor the sheepskin fell off the mountain.”

The man has legendary Croatian basketballer Aramis Naglic to thank after he got out of his car passing to lend the man a hand.

Check out the dramatic video below which he posted on Facebook.

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