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[VIDEO] Beautiful Drone Footage of One of Croatia’s Gems – Zavratnica


Zavratnica, a 900 metre-long narrow inlet beneath the Velebit mountain, is one of Croatia’s lesser-known natural gems.

Resembling a fjord, the narrow, steep-sided inlet connected to the sea is on the northern Adriatic coast around 1 km south of the little village of Jablanac, which overlooks the island of Rab.

Stunning views

With stunning scenery and a sunken military ferry wreck from WW2, Zavratnica was designated a protected landscape in 1964.

Sunken military ferry wreck from WW2

“We recently spent 3 weeks in Croatia and stumbled across the most amazing road trip stop off point: Jablanac. A small town situated on the coast, with the Velebit Mountain National Park in the background and the most stunning Fjord Zavratnica,” said Home of Discovery, who captured this amazing footage of Zavratnica with a DJI Spark drone.

Check out the video below.

Zavratnica is 50–150 metres wide, with a narrow entrance, and up to 100-metre sides which are very steep.

Zavratnica Bay (photo credit: Visit Lika)

It only resembles a fjord with its geological origins very different from the formation of fjords. A mountain stream became flooded as the surface of the sea rose (transgression after the last ice age), and so a cove was formed quite similar in appearance to a fjord.

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