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[VIDEO] 47 Years Ago Today Dubrovnik’s Last Tram Rides

Dubrovnik Tram (photo credit: dubrovnik-travel.net)

One from the Did You Know files. Did you know that the popular Dalmatian city of Dubrovnik, known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, had a tram service?

The first tram in Dubrovnik commenced operations 10 December 1910. The tram operated between the City gates at Pile to the nearby port of Gruž.

(photo: Dubrovački tramvaj)

This line expanded with an expansion to the Dubrovnik train station. A second line to Lapad was then added. The first trams were green, until they became their distinct orange colour.

Dubrovnik Tram sits in a museum today (photo: Speedy Gonsales under CC)

Exactly 47 years ago today, on 20 March 1970, the last last full day of tram service in Dubrovnik took place. Only 11 day earlier a deadly accident where the tram slipped off its rails and landed in the park in front of Pile Gate happened.

Dubrovnik today

On 21 March free rides were given to all as a final farewell to the trams, several of which were the originals from 1910. The last ride was a special service between Lapad and the railway station at Gruž. And that was the end of the Dubrovnik trams.

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