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[VIDEO] 350th Anniversary of Naming & Tying the Cravat

350-year cravat celebrations in Zagreb (Photo: Academia Cravatica)

This year Academia Cravatica marks the 350th anniversary of naming the cravat (necktie) which was first worn by Croatian soldiers.

This year, Academia Cravatica commemorated the 350th anniversary of the restructuring of the Royal Cravates Regiment on 20 May 2017 on St. Mark’s Square in Zagreb.

Today, on 21 June 2017, which is an important day in the history of the cravat as it was on this day 350 years ago that King Louis XIV first tied a cravat necktie (which was captured by French painter Henri Testelin), Academia Cravatica have presented video material of these significant events that once again introduced the tie to the world and confirmed the Zagreb as the capital of the ties.

It is the 8th year in a row that the procession, and in cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board, the Kravat – Regiment holds the changing of the guards at St. Mark’s Square, recalling the historical significance of Croats in the Thirty Years’ War, after which the name of the cravat which the soldiers wore tied around the neck, occurred.

(Photo: Academia Cravatica)

With the 350th anniversary of these important events, Academia Cravatica promotes the symbolic value of the tie and remembers that the cravat was named after Croats and was accepted by the French court, thus paving the way for it to enter the world of fashion where it still remains today.

Although the necktie has experienced many transformations, it remains an important fashion detail that promotes the fundamental values of society.

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