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US Olympic Gold Medalist Tracks Stolen Laptop to Zagreb

JMAmerican World Cup alpine ski racer and Olympic gold medalist Julia Mancuso has, with the help of a GPS locator, tracked down a laptop she had stolen recently in Austria to Croatia…

Mancuso, who won the giant slalom at the 2006 Winter Olympics, and was the silver medalist in both downhill and combined in 2010, and the bronze medalist in the combined in 2014, was a very disappointed soul recently after thieves stole her laptop whilst she was at the Austrian ski resort Bad Kleinkirchheim last week. One thing the crook did not bank on was that the laptop had a GPS locator programme installed, and over the weekend Mancuso announced its whereabouts.

“This person has my computer in Zagreb Julia’s MacBook Pro was found near Karela Zahradnika 28–34 10000 City of Zagreb,” wrote the champion skier, revealing that the laptop had turned up in the suburb of Sloboština in the Croatian capital. Getting it back maybe a different story.

“Thanks friends:) I appreciate the help and support! I know there are lots of issues going on in the world, and I know a lost computer is minor on a grand scale, but that’s what social networking can also be about. Look after your neighbors and friends. Besides you never know who your neighbor might be!!! Thanks to apple for making such a great program. At Least I was able to lock my computer ❄❄❄ race time tomorrow in ‪#‎badkleinkirchheim‬ let’s hope those temps drop! Goodnight:)” was her latest statement.

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