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US Air Force To Train Above Croatia

Warplanes from U.S Air Force squadrons in Europe and Africa will be brushing up their flying skills in the air above Croatia, and their shooting skills on the ground at the Croatian military training camp in Slunj in central Croatia, reports daily Vecernji list.

The details of the deal are set out in an agreement that the Croatian Ministry of Defence is set to sign with the US Air Force based in Ramstein, Germany.

The agreement states that “visiting USAF / AFAFRICA troops use the same airspace and sweeping flight routes which were published … for the Croatian military training operations on large and low altitudes. “Sweeping flights will be conducted on published routes in a zone that is 3 nautical miles wide and about 100 to 300 meters above ground level.”

The agreement defines exactly which weapons American “visiting forces” will be able to use during training over Croatia. They can use – guns of all calibres and aircraft guns up to 30 mm. The planes can use for practice concrete bombs up to 250 kg (with or without a smoke marker).

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