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University Department of Croatian Studies invites enrolments from Croatians abroad  

Zagreb (Photo: D. Rostuhar/Zagreb Tourist Board)

ZAGREB, 24 July 2019 – Negative demographic indicators in Croatia need to be an incentive for different institutions to do what they need to be doing – developing a stronger connection with many Croatian emigrants of different generations. 

They do not necessarily have to work on them returning, because opportunities are numerous, from scientific, cultural, educational, economic, and other co-operations. In 2017, the University of Zagreb signed an agreement with the Central State Office for Croats Abroad. 

According to the agreement, this year a special quota for enrolment from Croatians abroad for Croatian Studies at the University of Zagreb was approved. Although summer enrolment deadlines have closed, applications are still possible, and enrolments will be announced in September. It should be emphasised that the Ministry of Science and Education of  Croatia will subside tuition fees in full for 100 full-time students who enrol. 

The agreement with the Central State Office for Croats Abroad which stipulates the issuance of enrolment quotas for Croats located outside of Croatia with the aim of returning Croats and Croatian descendants to Croatia as well as taking positive action to assist Croatian youth to stay in Croatia. The aim focuses on positive long-term demographic and economic progress as well as the positive general progress of Croatian society.

Undergraduate students for the double-major combinations are offered the following studies: sociology, history, Latin language, Croatian culture and language, communication, philosophy and culture, and for the first time from this academic year demographics and Croatian emigration. 

This is new in the Croatian higher education system, and by introducing this, Croatian Studies is now alongside faculties in Western Europe and North America, which in their offer have studies on immigration, immigration communities and demographics. The studies will become one of the bridges between Croatians abroad and the homeland of Croatia through its future – young people and students. 

The fact that this is a new, innovative and multidisciplinary study, it is set to attract students from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and from Croatian communities abroad. 

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Text by Wollfy Krašić 

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