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Underwater Park Verudela – New Unique Tourist Experience in Pula

Underwater Park Verudela (Photo: Underwater Park Verudela)

A new unique tourist experience has opened in Istria this summer.

Underwater Park Verudela, which is situated just below Hotel Brioni in Verudela, Pula on the Istrian coast, is a 200 square metre underwater park which offers tourists and locals the fun at a depth of up to 4 metres.

With an innovative 40 kg helmet that keeps you under the surface and enables you to breathe underwater, you can walk around freely, admire and feed the fish, sit down and take a break, explore the wrecks and more.

Access to the park is from the coast and the only thing you will need to descend into the depths of the Istrian underwater is the helmet. A rubber tube connects it to a bank of oxygen, which allows normal breathing and movement.

A maximum of 5 visitors can stay underwater at the same time who, together with a diving leader, pass along the entire submarine promenade. A number of activities can be experienced at Underwater Park Verudela, such as sitting on a bench, cuddling sea urchins, feeding a school of fish, holding shrimps and looking at the remains of a wreck.

If you wish to test your coordination skills in the sea, you can even try to ride a bike! In order to record all of these special and interesting moments for posterity, the diver can photograph and/or film the entire tour.

It is open from 10:00 – 19:00 daily and costs 200 kn per person.

For more details visit the Facebook page or contact via email [email protected]

(Photos: Underwater Park Verudela)

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