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UK Politician Kicked Out of Party for Racist Comments Slates Croatians

ukipA British politician expelled from her party because of racist comments which caused a stir in the UK has also made derogatory comments about Croatians…

Rozanne Duncan was kicked out of the Ukip party after telling a camera crew shooting a documentary that she had “a problem” with black people. The UK’s Independent newspaper reports that Duncan went on to say that she did not like people with “negroid” features, prompting party leader Nigel Farage to expel her from the party.

Duncan said her prejudice might stem from the fact she was not exposed to other ethnicities in her area of the UK (Thanet, Kent) where she lived.

“I hardly see any here, there are so few here. There’s no reason to have any contact with them,” she said.

Duncan was heavily criticised on social media when she tried to defend herself, saying that she had been to the Caribbean and it was ‘okay’.

“I went sailing in the Caribbean, for instance. It was okay … If you go to another country you should adopt their ethos, shall we say,” she explained. “So for instance if you got to France you’d expect to hear French spoken, for instance, and you’d expect to see snails on the menu whether you like them or not. The same way you go anywhere.”

It were not only black people whom Duncan had a problem with. It was reported that she had also had visited Croatia, describing Croatians as “distrusting”.

“[Her lack of regret] really proves my point that clearly she doesn’t have any understanding of the deep offence she has caused – so we took the right decision,” said Ukip leader Farage.

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