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UK MEP’s Under Attack After Croatia Junket

CroatiaSome UK Members of the European Parliament (MEP) have come under fire this weekend after being accused of blatantly ‘wasting tax payers money’ after a week-long junket in Croatia, reports the Daily Mail

It was revealed this weekend that 14 MEPs, including some who bought along their spouses, spent around £30,000 during a 7-day ‘study’ trip to the popular tourist spots of Dubrovnik and Korčula on Croatia’s Adriatic coast. The group stayed in the luxury five-star Imperial hotel in Dubrovnik, before jetting off to the island of Korčula. The MEP’s were not holding back whilst in Croatia, going through bottles of champagne, before tucking into ‘meat platters’ and expensive ‘home-smoked trout’. Apart from the lavish hotels and fine dining, the MEPs on the gravy train were entertained by world-renowned Croatian cellist Ana Rucner.

When quizzed about the junket to the idyllic holiday spot in the Mediterranean, a Tory ECR spokesman said that the trip was vital to be been ‘able to gain a better understanding of the political situation in Croatia, including issues that affect the UK’, adding that the MEPs’ accommodation was funded by their daily £243 allowance when on official business. He insisted that hotel and travel costs for spouses ‘were paid by spouses themselves’.

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