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UEFA Nations League: Croatia remains in elite group after format change

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LJUBLJANA, 24 September 2019 – Croatia will remain in the elite group of the UEFA Nations League for next season after European football’s governing body confirmed a format change for the 2020/21 UEFA Nations League.

Croatia finished bottom of their UEFA Nations League Group A last season which featured England and Spain and was set to drop to League B but an expansion from 12 to 16 teams in League A means Croatia will remain with the best nations in Europe. 

“The UEFA Nations League will have a new league structure comprising 16 teams in Leagues A, B and C and 7 teams in League D, as of the 2020/21 edition. The teams are allocated to leagues based on the overall ranking following the 2018/19 inaugural UEFA Nations League. This change to the format follows a consultation process which involved all of UEFA’s 55 national associations and reflects upon their desire to further minimise the number of friendly matches,” UEFA said. 

League A teams:

1 Portugal
2 Netherlands
3 England
4 Switzerland
5 Belgium
6 France
7 Spain
8 Italy
9 Bosnia-Herzegovina
10 Ukraine
11 Denmark
12 Sweden
13 Croatia
14 Poland
15 Germany
16 Iceland

UEFA President at the meeting today (Photo: HNS)

The concept of the Finals of the UEFA Nations League remains untouched, with the four group winners of League A playing each other to determine the UEFA Nations League winners.

The 2020/21 UEFA Nations League draw will take place in Amsterdam on 3 March 2020 with group matches taking place in September, October and November 2020.

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