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U.S Black Hawk Helicopters Arrive in Zagreb

-Six U.S Black Hawk helicopters have landed in the Croatian capital yesterday…

The four-bladed, twin-engine helicopters arrived in Zagreb from Kosovo, where they were on a peace mission. The arrival of the helicopters has created some speculation in the county, as they arrive at a time when the Croatian Air Force are looking to upgrade its fleet. High ranking Croatian and American military officials have talked more than once about the possibility of Croatia purchasing Black Hawks for its fleet.

“Currently a feasibility study is being done, after that we will know if it is worth it. I can only say that I would love to see this kind of helicopter in our fleet,” Croatian Air Force Commander Dražen Šćuri said on Monday.

Pilots demonstrated to a number of local journalists the capabilities of the impressive helicopters for 30 minutes on Monday.

The Black Hawk helicopters have been developed for the U.S Army, but they are also used by other nations, including Japan, Australia, South Korea and Columbia. The six Black Hawk helicopters will leave Croatia and head to Germany.

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