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Travel Channel Host: World’s Top Destination is Croatia

azThe host of Travel Channel’s Bizzare Foods, Andrew Zimmern, rates Croatia as his top travel spot in the world…

“Croatia is wonderful country. It is what Italy was 200 years ago. In Italy on the East coast, you can no longer – because of the boat traffic and the number of people – reach down in the water, and I’m talking about right off the beach, and pull out fresh seafood and eat it. Fifty miles across in Croatia, you actually can,” said the famous TV host to Fox News.

When quizzed on his best destination, Zimmern said that Croatia, which he says is one of Europe’s best values for a vacation, and South America were the best in the world.

Zimmern filmed Bizarre Foods episodes in Split, Trogir, Brač and parts of the Dalmatian hinterland earlier this year. Bizarre foods has a television audience of over 9 million people per episode.

Watch the interview with Zimmern here.

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