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Traditional Rakija Festival in Hum


Producers of rakija, the popular fruit brandy, from all over Croatia will descend on the smallest town in the world this weekend for the 17th Traditional Homemade Istrian Rakija Festival in Hum.

The aim of the festival, which takes place on 29 October 2017, is to popularize local brandies and preserve traditional production.

The event is attended by brandy producers from all over Croatia, with about 1,000 rakija lovers also visiting and sampling from all over Croatia.

Rakija producers will deliver their samples which will be judged on the day in several categories, including rakija from ‘mistletoe, or Imela’, honey, plum, and rakija with herbs, and other fruits.

Rakija (photo credit: mateicaa123/Instagram)

Sampling will begin at 1 pm on Sunday for visitors, and besides local rakijas, traditional Istrian delicacies such as manestra and bakalar will be available.


Winners of the best rakija will be announced at 5 pm which will be followed by music and a party, the Buzet Tourist Board announced.

Hum, located in Istria, has a population of only around 20 people and is listed as the smallest town in the world by Guinness World Records.

(TZ Buzet)

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