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Traditional Croatian Hairstyles in Modern Form

Traditional Croatian Hairstyles in Modern Form

By Iva Ralica

Traditional hairstyle probably sounds pretty prose when given the variety of colors, forms and hair accessories of today.

Sometimes it suits the occasion perfectly and yet there are times when girls wish to have a unique look. This can also work if we remember all the traditional forms and place them in the modern age.

Many modern hairstyles are inspired by history. For those interested in it and the styles it offers, these historical ideas form Avangard as well as everyday forms of hairstyle. There isn’t one particular which would inspire modern trends. Instead, the central inspiration is the technique. There are few basic ways of twisting the cuffs applied on the front and back part of the hairstyle.

(Hairdresser: Tea Sarcevic)

A great hairstylist could make anything possible, but unfortunately, there isn´t a lot of them who are interested in the traditional forms and the way they are made. The author of the books about traditional Croatian hairstyles, Blanka Žakula, is the organizer of many seminars concerning the subject.

Their goal is to transfer the collected knowledge about Croatian tradition, mainly about forms and techniques of the hairstyles dating back to 5th century B.C. Even though it could help form a stronger knowledge and bring to many interesting ideas, Žakula states that the response isn’t as high as it was expected. There seems to be a lack of those who understand the value of these traditions which is a unique example in the world.

Traditional styles (LADO)

Seminars consist of two parts. One is dedicated to traditional hairstyles and their revival in the exact forms. Other is reserved for the competition in the modern styles, usually based on those historical.

The research, reconstruction, education and the competition itself is a part of the project called Ethno hairstyles of Croatia and the culture center Gatalinka in Vinkovci. Organizing these international seminars, the center insists on protecting Croatian tradition and inspiring the modern times.

Not seen in everyday life, but primarily in haute-couture shows, these hairstyles present more than just rich imagination, they are the evidence of rich history, even of hairstyles. This is one form resembling extremely the hairstyle originating from the island of Pag.

(Hairdresser: Mario Trescec)

Others combined the braids in the most unusual ways, looking rather futuristic and barely practical, but still based on the traditional ways of wrapping the locks or braids.

(Hairdressers: Kata Sarcevic & Tea Sarcevic)

Some are based on the traditional hairstyles found in Dalmatia and its island, using a sort of tiny fabric to revive the rich historical examples described in many writings. Even the material tries to resemble the original, using fabric, lace or flowers.

(Hairdressers: Josipa Dzaja, Mario Trescec, Igor Galas)

Still, the styles belonging to everyday life are based on the simplicity of traditional hairstyles. They consist of a few braids, wrapping around the forehead or on the back part. This is one typical example of a simplified traditional style in its modern version.

(Hairdressers: Ana Raic, Josipa Dzaja)

Nonetheless, the individual imagination should bring new elements into the traditional formation. This way, history and modern times can show the unbreakable connection based on the uniqueness of traditional Croatian hairstyles.

(photos: Dražen Bota)

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