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Tourist Does ‘Number 2’ in Split Gallery!

mestrovic-gallery-splitSometimes when nature calls there is no time for decorum, but what happened at the Ivan Meštrović Gallery in the heart of Split on the weekend is one for the ‘you have to be kidding’ files …

A group of Spanish tourists, who had arrived in the Dalmatian city on a cruise ship on the weekend, were looking around the west wing of the popular Ivan Meštrović Gallery when one, an ‘elderly’ woman, broke away from the group. Obviously with an urge to go to the bathroom, the woman, oblivious to the fact that there was a toilet just 5 metres away, decided to drop her pants and do a ‘number 2’ in the garden of the gallery, right behind Ivan Meštrović’s famous ‘Widow’ statue, daily Slobodna Dalmacija reported.

A gallery worker could not believe what she was witnessing when she spied the tourist in the act. She quickly went over and ended the ordeal. What was even more bizarre was the fact that the Spanish woman did not ask anyone in the group, or staff, if there was a toilet in the vicinity.

“In the recent, or past history of Ivan Meštrović Gallery we can not remember an act such as this, we were left in shock,” said the gallery’s head Sandra Grčić Budimir.

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