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Tourism Numbers Up in December

ZagrebCroatia has ended the year strongly in the tourism department, with Minister Darko Lorencin confirming on Wednesday that overnight stays were up 4-5% in December, and tourist arrivals by even more…

This year the Ministry launched its ‘Croatia 365’ project, an initiative aimed at attracting tourists all year round and not just in the traditional summer period.

“Zagreb’s Advent (and Snow Queen Race) is proof that it can definitely be done. Zagreb has a lot of possibilities even after the ski spectacle to extend the season with some good offerings,” said Lorencin, who stressed that 2014 had been a relatively successful year for Croatian tourism.

Lorencin says that overnight stays, a key measure in the industry, had grown in December by between 4 and 5% from the same month last year, and that arrivals this month were up by even more, especially in the major destination cities. The Minister announced that in January the new slogan for Croatian tourism would be tested, and marketing for the ‘Croatia 365’ project would intensify in key markets in Europe. Lorencin says that he is happy with how the project has gone thus far, especially within the UK market, where a marked increase of tourist arrivals came from this winter. (photo / Zagreb Facebook)

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