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Tourism Inspectors Issue 5 Million HRK in Fines

CroatiaMinistry of Tourism inspectors have issued close to 5 million kuna (650,000 euros) worth of fines this year for a range of infringements committed by tourism service providers…

From 1 January till 30 September, 56 Ministry of Tourism inspectors had conducted 8,041 inspections, with around 3,213 resulting in fines totalling 4.86 million kuna (645,000 euros). The majority of the inspections (7,254) were conducted at restaurants, bars, cafes and at accommodation premises, whilst tourist agencies, guides and those in nautical and the agro-tourism sector were inspected 787 times.

The most common infringements were; failing to issue invoices, insufficient equipment and sanitary facilities, non-compliance with prescribed working hours, illegal camping, failing to secure services in accommodation premises in case of accidents, and failure to hold a complaints book on site.

Croatia’s Minister of Tourism, Darko Lorencin, emphasized the importance of inspectors to control the legality of operations in the tourism sector, saying it helped maintain the quality standards of service and offerings in the tourism sector.

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