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Tips in Designing a Successful Casino Mobile Game

1Tips in designing a successful casino mobile game

Perhaps it’s true to a certain extent that mobile games have become much more successful than console and PC titles. For one, mobile sales can earn revenues everyday because of in-app purchases, while console and PC games can only rely on after-sales and DLCs. Because mobile games are becoming more and more lucrative, game developers are focusing most of their efforts in releasing titles for the smartgadget platform.

Casino gaming is one of the most popular genres in the mobile market right now due to the fact that it caters not only to the adult demographic but the young adults as well. InterCasino, quite possibly the longest-running casino website in the world, not only has the classic 5-reel fruit machine type of slots but also superhero-themed games in order to appeal to the younger market. As the casino-playing demographic increases, the chances of game developers making a casino-based game at one point of their professional lives increases.

If you’re a game developer and find yourself designing a casino-themed mobile game someday, keep these tips in mind.

Integrate an original gameplay

The competition in the mobile casino market is cutthroat. If you think that you can compete with big names like Zynga by imitating their games, well, you’ll most likely fail. Don’t just create games that are similar to the popular ones. Instead, make yours unique. There are literally thousands of slot machine and table games title today. If you want your game to stand out, add some fresh elements to it like an RPG theme or perhaps integrate a new game play for casino games (aside from hitting the spin button on slot machines). Remember that no matter how popular a genre is, if you’re competing with thousands of others, your chances of success are slim. However, if you’re different from the others and have a unique game to offer, your chances of success will be high. Just take a look at the game Flappy Bird. No matter how simple the mechanics are, if you’re the only game that offers that particular style of game play, people will notice you.

Use the latest technology

The reason why casino games are still popular even if they first came out several decades ago is because they’ve evolved with technology. If everyone is using HTML 5 now in the development of games because of its amazing features, don’t create your slot games using Visual Basic. Go with the flow because as technology evolves, so does the possibilities of being able to offer new elements of gaming.

Don’t launch a game without first receiving feedback

If you want your game to be successful, find casino gaming forums or pages and ask the most ardent players what they want to see in a future casino title. Releasing a beta phase of your game and letting others play and provide feedback for it is the best way to assess whether or not a game will be successful after its launch. Remember, your customers will determine whether or not the game’s popularity will last so always give customers whatever they want.

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