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Thompson Concert Cancelled in Berlin After Protest Threats

thompsonPopular Croatian patriotic rock singer Marko Perković, better known by his stage name Thompson, a nickname given to him whilst he fought in the Croatian War of Independence originating from the Thompson submachine gun, has had his upcoming concert in Germany cancelled after protest threats were made…

Thompson was set to perform at Berlin’s C-Hall on Saturday 26 April, but the concert has been cancelled by the management of the concert hall after threats of protests hit internet forums. Der Tagesspiegel reports that pressure was put on the concert hall management to cancel the concert after members of the public announced protests against the Croatian singer, who they claim ‘celebrated Croatian fascism’, and called him a ‘singer of hatred’.

Concert organisers engaged lawyers to challenge the decision, whilst seeking out also another venue in Berlin for the concert. The concert organisers say that Thompson has nothing to do with fascism, and that the management of the venue were exposed to media pressure to prohibit the concert in Berlin. Thompson has performed twice before at C-Hall in Berlin with no problems.

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