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The touching story of brave mum Ana Mari from Zagreb who needs help

Ana Mari Ljutić with husband Dino and their two kids (Private album)

This is a story about one young woman, mother, her husband and two kids. Ana Mari Ljutić (38) from Zagreb got breast cancer at an early stage of her second pregnancy and her husband Dino, the fighter, now takes care of his very ill wife and their two kids.

Ana Mari got epilepsy, she was in a coma, she doesn’t know how to read or write anymore, and every ordinary housework is a struggle to do. Instead of enjoying playing with her kids and teaching them new stuff, she is learning everything on her own all over again. Instead of caring for her family she is worrying about the results of chemotherapy. 

Dino is taking care of the whole family, ill Ana Mari and their cute two sons (3 and 1 year old) and has left his job and is using paternity leave, the whole family got into a terrible financial situation and desperately need help. 

Dad’s story:

“All of this started in September 2016, she was pregnant 3 months and started having pain in her spine. After so many trips to the hospital they diagnosed her with sciatica. But every month she felt worse and could not move anymore on her own. We went to see a chiropractic, but he felt something was wrong with my wife and sent us urgently to the hospital. All that time we were visiting the maternity hospital on a regular basis – Ana Mari insisted on that. After losing consciousness one day and our final visit to the ER, she had a c-section in February 2017. At that time, finally the doctor came at 1.30 am and said her diagnosis: we think it is cancer. I sat down…l couldn’t feel my legs.”

The doctor continued: “Cancer has spread all over the body. We don’t know what her chances are, but we will try to save the baby.” 

Ana Mari and Dino in 2006 (Private album)

“My brave Ana survived. After that comes a long story about recovery. The baby is fine today, Ana wants to live. She doesn’t know how to read or write, she spends every day with a speech therapist, she is positive and wants to fight for her kids. After a few epileptic attacks, the brain damage is present, and she is currently taking her 21st round of chemotherapy. We were never a social case, we had decent jobs and a nice life until everything has changed. What life brought to us we could not imagine, not even in the worst nightmare. Literally overnight, we found ourselves in financial difficulties. Hospital bills, chemo, speech therapist, physiotherapist for Ana and the baby, medicines, daycare for our older son, nappies, food, household bills…. we need help. We had and still have support from our parents and friends, but unfortunately, our savings are gone. The only thing I want is my old life back and my wife to be healthy and smile again to our two beautiful angels…”

Ana Mari in hospital (Private album)

A crowdfunding page has been set up to help Ana Mari.

“There are a lot of sad stories that we hear about every day, there are a lot of people that need help, but Ana Mari’s story screams HELP!  We are calling on our readers around the world to donate to this family any amount they can.  They need our help to get through this hard time”.  

Details how to help below:

Paypal information:  [email protected]

Bank Information: IBAN HR 9423400093112557332 . SWIFT PBZGHR2X

Name: Dino Ljutić.  Address: Antolovecki Put 10, Zagreb, Croatia.  

Visit the crowdfunding page to make a donation here

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