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The Telegraph: Top 5 Villa Holidays in Croatia

The number one tourists this year in Dubrovnik on Croatia’s southern Dalmatian coast were the British. With more and more flight connections from the UK to Croatia announced for 2015, there is set to be another British invasion this season on the coast…

One of the UK’s leading daily newspapers, The Telegraph, has already started their summer tourism promotion campaign, and Croatia is once again on the radar. Experts have helped The Telegraph compile a list of The top 5 villa holidays in Croatia which they recently published.

Top 5 villa holidays in Croatia, according to The Telegraph:

5. Villa Mare Monti – Vinodol Valley, Kvarner


4. Govedari, Mljet

3. Lešić Dimitri Palace, Korčula old town


2. Dvori Svetog Jurja, Hvar

1.Villa Stanzia Cocci, Brtonigla, Istria


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