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The objectives of the #fromdiasporatodiaspora conference

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7 May, 2019 – As registration for the Diaspora Tourism Conference comes to a close, the organizers of the conference want to outline the panel discussions before they release the full list of panelists on Thursday. 

The Overarching Goal of the Diaspora Conference is to find ways to Integrate all Croatians as one and to forge the future of the Croatian identity both in Croatia and abroad through social, economic and political solutions. If you cannot make it to the conference, you can still participate by watching online. cro-diasporacongress.com will redirect visitors to their online viewing platform starting next week. 

Here are some short descriptions of each panel discussion:  

Successful stories of Croatian returnees who have invested in tourism: 

This panel will talk about Croatian returnees who came back and are making their living off of tourism.  They will discuss their success but also the challenges that they encountered. Joe Bašić will discuss how he brought Ultra Europe to Split and the challenges and opportunities that arose in establishing the festival. 

The Croatian dream: 

What is the best way to move back to Croatia? what are some of the benefits and opportunities that are widely unknown? What is it actually like to run a business in Croatia? if you had any of these questions, this panel will seek to answer your questions. HBOR will be announcing new way in assisting diaspora returnees in their projects and investments in tourism and giving incentives for diaspora companies. 

The past and future of Croatian Returnees:

This panel will discuss the challenges Croatian Returnees face and the opportunities that are presented to them when they decide to move back to Croatia. What is it like to come back to Croatia with a family? What are the benefits of being a returnee in Croatia? What does the future hold in returning to Croatia? If you ever wondered what it would be like to move back to Croatia, be sure to watch this panel.  

Diaspora tourism and investment- the opportunities and perspectives 

Ever thought of building something in Croatia or want to invest? how about the legal process of investing in Croatia? This panel will give you the opinions of Architects, lawyers and also shedding light on the processes a city goes through for attracting investment.   

Health and Wellness tourism: 

This panel will talk about the newest wave of tourism best exemplified by the new rising Croatian entrepreneur Ognjen Bagatin. Affordable procedures and higher level of medical expertise allows Health and wellness tourism to thrive in Croatia. If you are wondering about this new form of tourism, watch this panel. 

Croatia as a Brand:

Croatia coming in second at the world cup, our famous red and white chequers, and our reputation of being the tourism capital of Europe. These are some of the things that the panelists on this panel used to promote Croatia, and their own products. HPB talks more in detail about their diaspora Card, members of the Croatian Tourism Board talk about how they promote Croatia abroad and Božo Skoko talks about uniquely Croatian things.

Culture Shock 

This Panel will include returnees from different countries and circumstances in why they decided to come back to Croatia. This panel will give a broader picture of the challenges and opportunities that Croatians from the diaspora are faced with when moving back to Croatia. 

Integration into Croatian businesses 

This will talk about the differences in Croatian Business culture. The people that are included on these panels are those who advise Croatian companies as well as those who are part of returnee Chambers of commerce in Croatia and will thoroughly talk about their integration process. 

Tourism Start-ups 

Ever thought of an idea that you thought would work in Croatia? Something that was lacking that would be a great money maker? This panel will present some start-ups in tourism by Croatian returnees who took advantage of the gap in the market. 

Pitch Session

5 Croatian Start-ups will pitch to you their ideas. This Pitch Session will be run by Ante Lučić, Cronnect.me, an online platform which connects Croatian investors with Croatian Start-ups. 

From the diaspora to the diaspora! Come to Split, Watch Online, Engage in the national conversation surrounding tourism, business but most importantly the diaspora and the integral role they play in the future of Croatia. The scope of this conference is to share experiences and knowledge from diaspora to the diaspora. The solutions that we advocate for today will determine the discourse and direction for the future of our Homeland.

If you still want to register for the conference, or want to find out more about the conference, please visit us at cro-diasporacongress.com

See you there.

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