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The Girl Behind Croatian Parties In London

She has organised events for some of the biggest names in music, including Madonna, Bob Geldof and Mick Jagger, and she even had Prince Harry turn up to one of the clubs she was organising an events for. Sanja Britt Jusic is also partly responsible for Croatian music pumping out of a club in the posh district of London on a given Friday night.

The attractive Zagreb-born marketing and brand consultant, who moved to live in London in 1998, has been organising parties for the Croatian community in London for more than 7 years, after deciding that their was no decent “Balkan Party” in the English metropolis.

Jusic says that the parties are a great outlet for those from the Balkans when they first come to London.

“New people who have just come to London, it is one type of refuge for them till they find their way. It is because of that I don’t consider the “Party” as an ordinary party. It is an event which brings people together, and believe me, in a city of over 12 million people that is a big thing,” Jusic told Slobodna Dalmacija, who has an impressive CV when it comes to organising parties.

“I have had the pleasure to organise events for Madonna, Bob Geldof, Mick Jagger and similar clients. After that I started my own creative agency for marketing, events and PR specialising in lifestyle brands where the first project happened on the island of Hvar. Thankfully! because there I met again Prince Harry and his entourage, who were regular guests at clubs that I worked for, and the chance for a global PR campaign was huge. The rest is known. Prince Harry jumped in the pool with a t-shirt from the club, and Hvar is full of Brits this summer”, said Sanja.

Jusic’s latest project is Nude Noir – themed exclusive events inspired by the works of famous photographer Helmut Newton and the bestseller 50 Shades of Grey, providing sophisticated and salacious entertainment.

“There is interest for Nude Noir events in Paris, New York and Milan, and this summer maybe we’ll see each other on Hvar or Dubrovnik,” concluded Sanja.

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