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The Forgotten Woman: Body Stays in Split Morgue for One Year

CroatiaA funeral home in the Dalmatian city of Split say that in all of their years trading they can not remember a situation like they one they are currently faced with.

Lovrinac Funeral Home have kept the body of a women in their refrigeration unit for over a year, because the family has ceased contact, reports daily 24sata.

“Her son arranged for a private funeral home to sort out paper work so that her body could be transported to Bosnia and Herzegovina. But, after some time he has stopped calling,” says Lovrinac’s director.

“While space in the morgue is not a problem, Lovrinac say that the deceased women can not stay forever there. They have Informed the sanitary inspection department and also the police, and are waiting for their responses.

“The body does not bother us, but as people it bothers us about the lack of care of her family. Who knows what happened to her son and why he has stopped contact. Is he still alive?, asks Lovrinac’s director, who says not even his oldest staff members can recall such an incident.

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