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The First Festival of Sand – The Magic that Occurs and Disappears

ninThe Tourist Board of the Dalmatian town of Nin is organizing the first Festival of Sand – The Magic that Occurs and Disappears – on 15 August 2015…

The festival will take place place on two of Nin’s natural sandy beaches – Queen’s beach and beach Ždrijac.

Beautiful sandy beaches are the most recognizable mark of the destination of Nin, and plenty of sand provides a crucial inspiration for the festival. Under the guidance of renowned sculptor mentors on the beaches, children will build the famous churches of Nin on Saturday, and also have a good time in the process.

The town of Nin, which stands out among many tourist destinations with more than 8 kilometers of long sandy beaches, will this year for the first time host the children. The main goal of this festival is to promote Nin beaches and its unique churches, as well as creating additional content for the summer through an artistic touch. The Tourist Board says that the long-term goal is to raise the festival to an international level which will annually bring together artists from all around the world.

“We invite all of you, children and adults to take part in this unique experience in the sand which connects two unique stories of the destination of Nin in one – beautiful sandy beaches, which are a paradise for lovers of active tourism, including the Queen’s beach, a beach where Kings were staying and one which was listed among the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world, and also the unique churches, including the Holy Cross and St. Nicholas church,” the Tourist Board told Croatia Week.

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