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The Financial Times Select Dubrovnik Project Amongst Finalists

“Education Vertical”, a project aimed at improving Dubrovnik’s teaching system from kindergarten to university level, has been chosen as a finalist in the FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards, organised by The Financial Times.

The urban ideas in action programme aims to recognise leaders, teams, organisations and community groups that have developed innovative solutions to urban challenges that benefit cities, citizens and urban communities in the fields of education, energy, healthcare and infrastructure.

The Dubrovnik project, which is the only project from Europe to be among the world’s best, includes MENSA programmes in kindergartens, single-shift schooling, programmes to prolong teaching assistants in primary schools, scholarships and subsidised loans for higher education and incentives for hiring apprentices. The project has been recognised as an effective and holistic approach to education, with the same methodology able to be applied around the world, reported Croatian website politikaplus.

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