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The Croatian Who Tamed the Wolf of Wall Street

CroatiaCroatian actress Žana Janjić-Markelson (38), who has lived now for a number of years with her husband and two children in New York, is currently featuring on the big screen around the globe in one of her most high-profile roles of her career…

Žana features in Martin Scorsese’s latest blockbuster ‘The Wolf of Wall Street” after beating off more than 15 candidates to the role. Originally from Dubrovnik,  Janjić-Markelson, playing a Swiss flight attendant, restrains an under the influence Leonardo DiCaprio in his seat on an aircraft during the 3-hour long film about New York stock broker Jordan Belfort.

Žana has appeared in a number of serials already in the US, such as “Deadly Sins”, “Disappeared”, “Sekai Gyoten News” and “Frenemies”, and she also played a small role in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street – Money never sleeps.

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