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The 5 Most Popular Wedding Dates in Croatia

The weather plays a huge part in when couples are planning on a day to tie the knot. Summer is obviously the most popular time of year for weddings around the world and in Croatia it is no different.

So what are the most popular dates couples have selected to get married in in Croatia in 2017? Well, zadovoljna.hr have done the research.

Early and late summer, as well as early Spring seem to be popular times with temperatures not scorching in the peak of Summer.

“Late Summer and early Spring seems to be a time a lot of couples are going for their wedding day because people are fresh from their Summer holiday, nicely tanned and in a good mood”, Wedding planners Lela Design say.

This year however 7 June is among the most popular, with the number 7 for luck (7.72017) playing a part in the decision.

TOP 5 Most Popular Wedding Dates in 2017 in Croatia

1. 24 June
2. 7 July
3. 26 August
4. 9 September
5. 16 September

*Lela design, Weddings in Croatia and Sposa were used in the research.

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