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Tall Croats Give Game of Thrones Costume Designers Headache

Croatia10The production team of the popular HBO series Game of Thrones, which is filming its 5th season currently in Croatia, have hit a small glitch – the local extras in Dubrovnik are proving to be too big, writes Dubrovački Dnevnik

Despite a large turnout when extras were invited to take part in the series a few months ago, Embassy Films are on the hunt for more, but this time the men can not be taller than 190cm. Croatian men are renowned for their height, with those in the Dubrovnik area taller than average. Extras are required for a scene involving a large number of people, and Embassy Films are on the look out for those men in the area who are under 190cm, and under 180cm for the women, so that the costumes can fit them nicely.

Croatia“Around 450 extras a day will take part in the project, and altogether 2,000 extras,” Erika Milutin from Embassy Films said to the portal.

Filming in Dubovnik is set to start on 5 October.

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