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Talented Croatian Artist Hoping to Realize US Dream

Branka Grubić

A self-taught emerging Croatian artist is hoping to realize a dream after her work was noticed in the US.

Branka Grubić, who is from Šibenik on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, was invited to have her works exhibited at the prestigious 2017 Artexpo New York – a big deal for an artist without an academic background or any cultural establishment support.

Once the shock of the call up to April’s Artexpo New York 2017 wore off, Branka realized that logistics to make the trip a reality were just too difficult.

“There was not enough time to get visas, export permits, organize shipping and raise funds needed to make the trip”, Branka says.

“We had to cancel Artexpo New York 2017, but we started to dream. Taking part at Artexpo New York is now officially my lifetime dream. Today preparations start for Artexpo 2018, or 2019”, she says.

Branka took up art in her late 30s and has already collected a number of awards. She won an American online art gallery competition last year with her work beating 890 entries others from 33 countries around the world.

Her work is currently hanging at a gallery in Woodstock – Illinois at the 30th Women’s Works Anniversary exhibition, and 2 of her paintings are finalists in NY Artexpo competition.


Branka is looking for support and is keen to partner up with interested parties to help realize her goal.

“I’m looking for sponsors and partners to carry out the project. I’m not asking for ‘money for nothing’, but I am ready to earn each cent. In the best case scenario, I can deliver paintings to the USA in exchange for necessary funds. I also can offer decent visibility and promotion on Internet and social media, write blogs, design banners, create photo and video editorials etc. That could be interesting for US companies doing business in Croatia, especially related to travel, design, art and crafts. I’m ready to work hard to realize my dream,” Branka says.

Just a couple of years ago, she was sketching and doodling on the back side of office paper, afraid to show her work to anyone outside her family. Today she is a confident emerging artist, trying to reach the New York market from her small studio apartment in Šibenik, Croatia.

For more details on how to get involved you can contact Branka on either her website – www.brankagrubic.com  – Facebook – www.facebook.com/BRANKASibenik  – or on Instagram – www.instagram.com/branka_art/?hl=hr

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