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Swimming Restrictions Introduced at Krka National Park

Krka National Park (Photo: Goran Safarek)

New restrictions will come into force next month at one of Croatia’s most-visited tourist attractions. Krka National Park announced today that swimming in part of Skradinski buk will be now banned.

Swimming at Skradinski buk is permitted from 1 June to 30 September, depending on the weather conditions and the level of water. New regulations announced today means that it will no longer be possible to swim downstream from the bridge. A wooden fence will also be put up at the entrance to the water for increased visitor safety.

“In order to preserve Skradinski buk, the longest, most famous and most visited waterfall on the Krka River and one of the most famous natural beauties of Croatia, but also to give visitors a complete experience in the environment of nature and cultural heritage, the National Institute of Krka National Park introduces changes in rules to swimming downstream of the waterfalls,” NP Krka said.

The new measure is not the first the National Park has introduced to help preserve one of Croatia’s true natural gems as visitor numbers continue to grow every year.

Last year the National Park announced that a maximum of 10,000 visitors will only be permitted at one time at Skradinski buk, a measure put in place to not put too much pressure on the natural phenomenon as well as for safety reasons.

Visitors who turn up when there are 10,000 people already at Skradinski buk waterfall have to wait and will are directed to less busy parts of the park.

National Parks are one of Croatia’s strongest brands, with close to 4 million visitors to them last year. Most of this traffic happens in July and August.

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