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Supermarkets Spreading Church’s Anti-Sex Education Messages

The Catholic Church in Croatia have done a deal with Croatia’s largest supermarket chain, Konzum, owned by the Todoric family, to spread their anti-sex education messages, reports daily newspaper Vecernji list.

Croatia’s Ministry of Education have recently implemented a 4-module health education programme in all schools, with the 4th module dealing with sex education. The module, which educates students on all aspects of sexual health education including sexually transmitted diseases, reproductive health, sex/gender issues and masturbation, has upset the Catholic church.

The Catholic Church are against the sex education module and have begun distributing pamphlets at cashiers at Konzum supermarkets around the country inviting parents and believers to express their disagreement with the sex education programme in schools, saying that programmes according to their life values should be taught and not issues such as masturbation, pornography, homosexuality and gender ideology.

Pamphlets are also being distributed at Tisak kiosks around the country, which are owned by the Todoric empire.

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