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Summer going nowhere: Temperatures to pass 30°C in parts of Croatia

Swimmers will be able to still enjoy

12 September, 2019 – Although summer is nearing an end and officially ends on 23 September, the heat is going nowhere with temperatures in parts of Croatia to pass 30°C over the next week. 

Rains and strong winds last week took the sting out of the heat which had dominated much of the summer around Croatia, but the heat is set to return, at least during the day. The following week will see temperatures rise during the day to highs of 31°C in some parts. 

“There will not be much clouds, and on the weekend it is possible for some brief morning fog. The second half of the week will be sunnier and warmer than the first, and the weekend will certainly be nicer than last weekend. We are guaranteed that this huge Atlantic anticyclone across Western Europe will extend to us”, RTL weather reporter Dunja Mazzocco Drvar said. 

On the Adriatic coast, sunshine will dominate this week and into the weekend. Winds will be weak with highs during the day on the Dalmatian coast between 26 – 31°C.

It will get hotter and hotter as the week goes on. After cooler temperatures in the morning, highs for most of the country will push close to 30°C, whilst in higher areas inland temperatures will be cooler. 

The fine, summer weather will continue for at least the next 7 days with no rain forecast, so those deciding to holiday on the coast now will be able to enjoy it. 

The sea temperature is also expected to be warm for swimmers. Today in Split the sea temperature will hit 24°C. In Dubrovnik it will be a slightly warmer 25°C, whilst the sea temperature for the island of Hvar will also be 24°C. 


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