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Success Story: Farming Cash in the Fishing Sector

CromarisIt was not all doom and gloom for Croatian business in 2014. There were a number of success stories last year, and one of those was Zadar-based firm Cromaris…

Cromaris, which specialises in breeding, selling and processing fish, produced and sold more than 5,600 tonnes in 2014, which was growth of 50% from the previous year. Most of Cromaris’ product is exported to overseas markets with 100% growth in exports meaning that 70% of Cromaris’ product is exported. Cromaris’ biggest export market is Italy, where its products are sold at a number of leading supermarket chains. Austria, Germany Czech Republic and Serbia are also important markets for the ever-growing firm.

Cromaris' Mala Lamjana operation

Cromaris’ Mala Lamjana operation

Cromaris, which produces indigenous species of white fish and shellfish from farms on the island of Pašman and in Istria, have invested more than 20 million euros in a new hatchery in Nin which is currently the largest aquaculture sector investment in Croatia.

“Also with opening of new markets and strong growth in sales volumes, in 2014 there was also a significant increase in revenue of 68 percent. Investing in the latest technology in aquaculture has enabled rapid and controlled growth and development of the company, and further optimize production costs. These investments make Cromaris one of the leading technology companies and further strengthens its position among the world’s largest producers of white fish,” Cromaris Director Goran Markulin said. (photos / cromaris.hr)

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