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Students Better at English than Croatian in Graduation Exams

CroatiaAsk anybody that is trying to learn the Croatian language and they will tell you it is not the easiest language in the world, but it seems even the locals share some of the same frustrations as the results from this year’s graduation exams highlight…

Not one student out of the 39,000 that sat the Croatian language high school graduation exam in Croatia got 100% correct on there test. As Tportal reports, the even more interesting fact is that the average grade from the English language test, which was 3.6 on their 1-5 grading system, was higher than it was for the Croatian language, which was 3.2.

Earlier tests in April this year, which were the warm up for the high school graduation test, did not show encouraging results either. A sample of results from 1,500 students from 8 cities in Croatia showed that their knowledge of the Croatian language was enough for an average mark of just 2 (out of 5).

‘Frankly, I’m not unhappy with the results, and the students are saying to me that done the test well and that they are satisfied, even though it would be logical that someone would have got 100%.The test was not hard and a student who studies regularly should get a 3, which is what I saw the average was,” one teacher told Tportal.

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