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Strudel Festival to be Held this Weekend

(photo credit: strudlafest.com)

(photo credit: strudlafest.com)

Jaškovo near Ozalj, the small central Croatian town which entered the Guinness Book of Records this year for the world’s longest strudel, is continuing the story of the favourite pastry…

A festival dedicated to the strudel, ŠtrudlaFest, will be held on 4 September 2016 in Jaškovo near Ozalj. Over 30 strudel producers will make various types of strudels which will also be for sale on the day.

Also during the festival there will be a contest to find the best strudel, as well as special guests, including expert strudel chefs and the ‘ambassador of strudel’ Teta Marica from Jaškovo.

There will be a full entertainment programme on the day also, including a display of straw sculptures from artist Nikola Feller and an appearance by TV cooking show ‘3,2,1- kuhaj’ winners Filipa Sorko and Petra Egić.

The tourist-orientated festival also has a humanitarian side to it with proceeds from the Strudel Association stand going to charity. As well as the festival, until 4 September 2016 Strudel Week will be going on at 13 Karlovac County restaurants (Feniks, Panorama, hotel Korana Srakovčić, Kristal, Lovački rog, Hotel Frankopan, hotel Josipdol, Gradina, AT Turist Grabovac, DP, Žganjer, Toplice Lešće, Lovački dom Muljava) where patrons can try more than 20 different types of strudels at promotional prices.

World record strudel (photo: TZ Karlovac)

World record strudel (photo: TZ Karlovac)

In June 2016 825 kg of flour, 653 kg of apples, 260 kg of raisins, 55 litres of oil, 50 kg of sugar, 10 kg of cinnamon, 20 kg of butter, 10 kg of salt, 5 kg of bread crumbs, 10 kg of vanilla sugar and 480 litres of water were used to make a 1,479 metre strudel in Jaškovo which entered the Guinness Book of Records for being the world’s longest.


(photos: www.strudlafest.com)

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