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Strikes All Over Croatia as Workers Unite

protestPublic sector workers downed tools at Midday today all over Croatia, as workers went on strike in support of those who work and do not receive their pay cheques on time. Around 70,000 workers in Croatia do not get paid their salaries, reports Croatian radiotelevision

Tram, bus, and train drivers, and even school teachers all supported the general strike on Tuesday between 12:00 and 2:00pm. During that period school teachers used the time to discuss the effect of proposed new Labour laws and workers rights which is currently being debated in parliament, and is the catalyst for the strikes.

At exactly midday 110 local passenger and cargo trains in Croatia stood still for two hours, whilst trams and buses stood still for five minutes as a sign of solidarity for those workers who don’t receive regular monthly pay cheques. Meanwhile, doctors and nurses gathered for 30 minutes in front of the hospital adminstration, while Univeristy classes would stop between 12:00 and 2:00pm.

“We are opposed to the lowering of the cost of labour in the private, government and public sector, the extension of the working week, legalizing not paying overtime, fluctuation of workers – where employes would be more released for more flexible and cheaper workers who will have no rights under the collective agreement, and against those workers who go months without getting paid,” a protestor said on Tuesday.

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