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Strawberries from Vrgorac hit Croatian farmers’ markets

(Photo: Vrgorac Strawberry Association)

ZAGREB, April 15 (Hina) – Strawberry picking has started in the wider area of the town of Vrgorac in the south of Croatia, and strawberries will be available at Croatian farmers’ markets as of Thursday, packed in new distinctive punnets.

“Strawberries from the Vrgorac area will be sold exclusively in dark blue punnets with the label ‘Vrgorac Quality’ stating its geographical origin, everything else is a scam,” the head of the Vrgorac Strawberry Association, Slobodan Dropulic, said at a press conference on Wednesday, declaring the strawberry season open.

As the first pickers are picking strawberries in the villages of Orah and Podprolog, the new packaging was presented in the town park in Vrgorac, including new labels on punnets and cardboard boxes.

“We have solved the issue of pickers, we thank everyone offering their services, however, at this moment, we do not need more pickers, because a sufficient number of seasonal workers are at our disposal, as they did not go to the coast to work in tourism during the season due to the coronavirus situation,” said Dropulic, especially thanking the media.

Pickers earn HRK 30 per hour

This year, pickers are earning HRK 30 per hour, and around 80 local family farms growing strawberries will earn HRK 10 million. “We also have two sales centres which will purchase our strawberries, Miranda from Donji Miholjac and Fragaria from Zagreb,” said Milan Franic, the vice-president of the Vrgorac Strawberry Association.

He noted that the picking starts today and will last for 45 days.

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